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What Are Super Spun Articles?

Super Spun Articles are documents that are capable of producing an astronomical number of variations of the base articles on which they are built. To create a Super Spun Article, the following steps are taken:

  1. Ten high quality, 500+ word, complementary articles are created.
  2. Each article title is rewritten 10 times (100 titles total).
  3. Each paragraph of each article is rewritten 10 times.
  4. Every sentence of all resulting paragraphs is rewritten 10 times.
  5. All of the titles and sentences are checked for quality by a team of skilled Editors.
  6. The titles, paragraphs and sentences are put together into a spin-formatted document.

The result is a document of around one hundred paragraphs and thousands of sentences that can be run through a content spinner to produce a different article every time.

Why Use Super Spun Articles?

To create dozens, hundreds or even thousands of articles on your own would take an enormous amount of time. To have freelance writers do the work for you would be incredibly expensive (and still very time consuming). Even if you were able to get a quality 500 word article written for $10, if you needed hundreds (or thousands) of them, the cost can quickly become prohibitive.

Super Spun Articles are a great way to generate a large amount of content fast--without breaking the bank. Whether you post the articles to your web site, or use them to post to article directories, blog networks or web 2.0 properties for the purpose of gaining backlinks to your site, Super Spun Articles are a great addition to your marketing efforts.

Why Us Instead Of Our Competitors?

There are other services which create spun documents, but Super Spun Articles are superior in 5 primary ways:

  1. We don't base our document on just one article, but ten. The introductions and conclusions are complementary, working for every article generated, but the body points are different in each of the ten original articles. That means that you don't get the same basic information in every article variation. You get a wide variety of information, making each generated article far more unique.
  2. We rewrite every paragraph and every sentence ten times. Our competitors almost always limit themselves to writing 5 or fewer variations of each paragraph and sentence. That means that Super Spun Articles are capable of generating a vastly larger number of unique variations than our compeitors' documents (not just twice more).
  3. We vary the number of paragraphs that appear in the generated articles. Instead of always having each spun variation produce an article with a fixed number of paragraphs, Super Spun Articles output content that contains a variety of paragraph counts. This is important to improve the uniqueness of the articles produced by the document.
  4. We limit how many people can buy each document. Despite the fact that each Super Spun document can generate an astronomical number of different article variations, we only sell each Standard document to 200 clients. In addition, we offer Premium documents that are only sold to 25 clients. Our competitors sell their inferior documents to far more people, diluting their value.
  5. Every word of each Super Spun document is human edited to ensure the best quality. When creating documents of the size and complexity of Super Spun documents, it's very important that a team of editors be used to check every word of every sentence. This ensures that a highly cohesive, quality article gets output every time. As far as we know, none of our competitors do this fine-grained checking with a team of skilled Editors. The result is that their documents contain a high number of spelling and grammar errors, or produce language that just doesn't make sense in English (or sounds unnatural, even if it makes "sense").




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