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Face it: when it comes to ranking well in the search engines (especially Google), content is king. But not just having high quality content on your web site -- no, that's just the beginning.

You also need high quality, highly unique content to build links to your site -- You DO know that it takes a boatload of links to rank for competitive keywords in Google, right?

Google wants to see in context links. That means links embedded in articles that are related to the keywords you want to search for.

That is, if you get links on pages about cute cat videos but you want to rank for keywords related to weight loss-- forget it. You lose. Game over. You'll never rank.

So you better get busy writing HUGE numbers of articles, or you better get busy paying MEGABUCKS to a HUGE number of writers to create those articles for you.

Or, you could use an article spinner. You know what that is, right? If not, let me enlighten you...

An article spinner takes a nice sentence, like this:

  • The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

... and "spins" it into a format that groups related terms (synonyms) together, like this:

  • {The quick|The fast} {brown|brownish|dark brown|light brown} fox jumped {over the|on the|within the|across the} {lazy|sluggish|very lazy|slack} {dog|canine|pet|puppy}.

The article spinner then uses that "spintax" to generate a bunch of new, similar sentences, like so:

  • The fast light brown fox jumped within the lazy canine.
  • The fast brownish fox jumped across the very lazy puppy.
  • The fast dark brown fox jumped within the very lazy pet.

Notice the problem with those sentences? Yeah, they've got grammar issues. And not just that, but the word order is still identical! Google is one smart computer program, and is likely to catch onto that soon (if it hasn't already).

Using article spinners can be GREAT, but you have to do it right -- and that is a very, Very, VERY time-intensive endeavor.

You're a busy person, we know. You need a faster solution, but one that's affordable.

We have that solution here. So keep reading.

What if you could start with a sentence like this:

  • There is plenty of advice available for those wanting to lose weight.

... and end up with sentences like these:

  • Are you planning to lose weight? If so, there is plenty of advice for you.
  • There is a great deal of information regarding weight loss available today.
  • When one decides to lose some weight, the realization quickly settles in that advice is plentiful.
  • There is more than enough advice for folks who are planning to lose weight.
  • You will never run out of advice when it comes to ways that will help you lose weight.

THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC WOULDN'T IT? The thing is, that kind of "spinning" isn't really spinning at all. It's rewriting.

And that's what we do here at Super Spun Articles. We start with a super high quality article on a subject and then have that article rewritten by dozens of highly qualified (native-English speaking) writers.

We then break those articles apart thought by thought (not just sentence by sentence -- notice how the first example above is actually two sentences expressing one thought).

Each thought from each article is grouped together and put into one GIGANTIC "Super Spun Article" capable of producing THOUSANDS of highly unique, high quality articles.

Our Super Spun Articles are created from TWENTY-FIVE REWRITES of that top quality article. That means the uniqueness is EXCEPTIONALLY high (the document that the weight loss example above came from is capable of producing articles that are 90% unique or better on average).


They are 95% unique but were generated from the same Super Spun Article.

Thousands Of Articles From ONE Document?

Okay, I know it sounds impossible -- but it isn't. Let me explain...

Imagine that you're in a room that has 10 people in it. Each person has a box in front of them that contains 25 blocks (numbered from 1 to 25). The people are all blindfolded, so they can't see the numbers on the blocks.

What are the odds that ALL 10 PEOPLE will pull the same numbered block out of their box?

ONLY ONE IN 95,367,431,640,625! (yeah, that's more than 95 TRILLION).

So you would have to repeat that experiment more than 95 TRILLION times if you wanted everyone to pull the same block from the box at the same time.

Now imagine that one article is made up of 30 sentences (for the sake of explaination, we'll call them sentences even though they are really "thoughts").

If each of those sentences was rewritten 25 times, and one sentence was randomly selected from each of the 25 for placement in your article, what are the odds that ALL 30 sentences will come out the same in any two articles?


(The number, in fact, has 36 zeros at the end of it, if that gives you any idea.)

THAT'S why these documents are capable of producing TENS OF THOUSANDS of articles that are 90% UNIQUE OR BETTER! It's all in the math.

You DON'T Need Article Spinning Software!

You can, of course, download the full Super Spun Document for use in your own article spinner -- but you don't have to. When you buy any of our Super Spun Articles you are given access to our internal spinner that will generate the articles for you.

Just select which Super Spun Article you want to use, push a button and BOOM! -- the system generates a fresh article for you to copy and use wherever you want to. There is no limit to the number of articles you can generate, either.

Less Than A Penny Per Article

Our Super Spun Articles are very inexpensive (only $7 each), and you can generate as many articles as you want from each document.

You can use them to generate THOUSANDS OF ARTICLES, and that means you're only paying a fraction of one cent per article.

Limited Number Of Sales Per Article

We limited the number of people who can buy each Super Spun Article to 50. That way we know the articles aren't being overused, and the articles YOU generate for your use remain highly unique.

The reality is that most people who buy these documents only use them to generate a few articles (after-all, even just generating 50 articles gives you a per-article cost of only 14 cents). So the odds of the articles being used TENS OF THOUSANDS of times are, again, astronomical.

Once one of our Super Spun Articles has been purchased 50 times, it is no longer available for sale. At that point we have an ENTIRELY NEW Super Spun Article created for the same topic. You'll be notified when it becomes available (unless you don't want to be).

All Of Your Article Dreams Have Come True...

Imagine having a never-ending flow of fresh articles written for your niche market? Whether you post them to your blog, or use them for building backlinks or put them on your 2nd-tier sites -- WHATEVER -- you'll never have to pay expensive writers or mess with article spinning software again!

Get one of our Super Spun Articles and generate as many articles out of it as you need. Once you've used that one to your heart's desire, you can get the next Super Spun Article for that topic and generate even more content to promote your business.

It's literally THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. You get the affordable advantage of article spinning but the super high quality and high uniqueness of custom written content.

Just In Case That's Not Enough (Ha!)

In case all of the above isn't enough, each Super Spun Article you buy also comes with a second version of the document that has been passed through an article spinner for super extra uniqueness (as high as 99% UNIQUE).

We ONLY spin phrases in the document, not individual words, so the quality is FAR BETTER than the normal "churn and burn" garbage that comes out of most article spinners.

We recommend only using the spun version for link building, since the quality is going to naturally be somewhat lower than the regular version, but when you need SUPER EXTRA UNIQUENESS for your link building campaigns, the solution is there for you.

Post To Your Blogs On Demand

In addition to ALL OF THAT, you can also add your Wordpress blogs into the system and post to them as often as you wish. You select which Super Spun Article to post and which category of your blog to post to. You can also add your bio with any links or other text you want at the bottom of the article that gets posted (which is great if you run a private blog network).

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